The registration fee for the School is 100 Euro (120 USD) and must be paid by all non-funded participants. The fee will be due in time of registration at the first day of School. It is 5000000 Rials for Iranians (3000000 Rials for the students). The bank receipt of payment is needed for registration. Registration fee includes: Participation in all school sessions, documentation package, coffee breaks and lunches.
(In the case that you are not affiliated at an university/institute enter the name of the university that you have undertaken your last academic degree)
The school dinner fee is 10 Euro (12 USD) (700000 Rials)
The Excursion fee is 35 USD (1500000 Rials)
Choose "is waived" only in the case that you have a confirmation from the organizers to do so. Otherwise, your application will be rejected. "Half" payment is normally considered for students or a certain part of students.